Seminar about Human Rights

We will focus on contemporary and historical perceptions of what is and what should be the fundamental rights of human beings. We will discuss human rights work in Norway and internationally, as well as this year’s theme for the University of Oslo’s Human Rights Award: torture and rehabilitation of torture victims.

The program committee has consisted of Ragnhild Helene Hennum, Hanne Hagtvedt Vik, Nora Sveaass and Gentian Zyberi.


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09.00: Posters, coffee and baked goods

10.00: Welcome

Welcome and presentation of the laureate of University of Oslo Human Rights Award 2018, by Rector Svein Stølen, UiO

10.10: Lecture by Nora Sveaass

Professor Nora Sveaass, the laureate of the University of Oslo Human Rights Award 2018, gives her lecture «Torture – the international prohibition and the right to rehabilitation». Read more about the laureate and the University of Oslo Human Rights Award (in Norwegian).

10.40: Introduction of two films. Sigrun Slapgard, journalist and author, introduces the films.

10:45: «From Horror to Healing: Rehabilitation of Torture Victims» and «Torture: It happens in Secret»

Both films by UN Voluntary Fund for Victims.

11.00: Break

11.15: Panel: «Assistance to victims of torture». What are the Challenges?

(the session will be Scandinavian)


Moderator: Sigrun Slapgard

Portrait: Svein Stølen
Svein Stølen
Portrait: Nora Sveaas
Nora Sveaass
Portrait: Sigrun Slapgard
Sigrun Slapgard
Portrait: Sverre Varvin
Sverre Varvin
Portrait: Asger Kjærum
Asger Kjærum
Portrait: Jon Peder Egenæs
John Peder Egenæs

11.45: Break

12.00 – 12.45: Parallel sessions

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4

International Criminal Tribunals: A future?

A career in Human Rights Work

(the session will be in Norwegian)

What motivates people to study human rights? What work opportunities are there?

Relevant for students who are considering studying human rights and who wish to learn more about career opportunities.


Moderator: Hilde Salvesen, UiO

The Nordic countries and human rights from from 1900 to today: Launch of a special issue of the Nordic Journal of Human Rights

(the session will be in Scandinavian)


Comments by Ingunn Ikdahl, UiO and Petter Wille, NIM

Moderator: Bård Anders Andreassen, UiO

Risk of torture and inhumane treatment? The situation for people who are deprived of their freedom in Norway today.

(the session will be in Norwegian)

How does the Ombudsman's office work during visits to prisons and institutions and what do we find?


Portrait: Postdoc Juan Pablo Pérez León
Juan Pablo Pérez León
Portrait: Joanna Nicholson
Joanna Nicholson
Portrait: Agnieszka Cybulska
Agnieszka Cybulska
Portrait: Adele Matheson Mestad. Photo: Norges nasjonale institusjon for menneskerettigheter
Adele Matheson Mestad
Portrait: Solveig Igesund
Solveig Igesund
Portrait: Gisle Kvanvig. Photo: UiO
Gisle Kvanvig
Portrait: Hilde Salvesen
Hilde Salvesen
Portrait: Hanne Hagtvedt Vik
Hanne Hagtvedt Vik
Portrait: Steven L. B. Jensen
Steven L. B. Jensen
Portrait: Linde Lindkvist
Linde Lindkvist
Portrait: Johan Strang
Johan Strang
Portrait: Ingunn Ikdahl
Ingunn Ikdahl
Portrait: Petter Wille
Petter Wille
Portrait: Bård Anders Andreassen
Bård Anders Andreassen
Portrait: Helga Fastrup Ervik
Helga Fastrup Ervik
Portrait: Mette Jansen.
Mette Jansen

12.45: Posters and lunch

14.00: Parallel sessions

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4

Sexual violence in conflict

(the session will be in Norwegian)

Human Rights Defenders

  • Jan Helgesen, UiO: The drafting of the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders.
  • Sandra Petersen, Norwegian Human Rights Fund: Ensuring the Protection of Human Rights Defenders: The Practice of the Norwegian Human Rights Fund

Q&A session.

Moderator: Gentian Zyberi, UiO

The Genocide Convention 70 Years; Still relevant? Yezidis and Rohingyas as examples

(the session will be in English)


  • Jacqui Zalcberg, UN Fact Finding Mission Investigator focusing on the events in Rakhine State, 2016/2017
  • Sareta Ashraph, Chief Analyst on the Commission of Inquiry on Syria

The panel will address the challenges of documenting and prosecuting the crime of genocide, particularly in the cases of the Rohingya and the Yazidi

This session will be hosted by Ellen Stensrud, Senior Researcher at The Norwegian Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Minorities

Refugee Children - how are they coping and what do they need from us?

Portrait: Jan Helgesen
Jan Helgesen
Portrait: Jenny Lorentzen
Jenny Lorentzen
Portrait: Elisabeth Ng Langdal
Elisabeth Ng Langdal
Portrait: Sandra Petersen
Sandra Petersen
Portrait: Gentian Zyberi
Gentian Zyberi
Portrait: Jacqui Zalcberg
Jacqui Zalcberg
Portrait: Sareta Ashraph
Sareta Ashraph
Portrait: Ellen Stensrud
Ellen Stensrud
Portrait: Tine Jensen
Tine Jensen
Portrait: Envor M. Bjørgo Skårdalsmo
Envor M. Bjørgo Skårdalsmo

15.00 – 15.45: Global human rights? The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70

  • Historian Steven L. B. Jensen will talk about the history of human rights: who has created the international human rights system and why?
  • State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Audun Halvorsen, will comment on how the Norwegian government is working on human rights in today's demanding international situation.
Portrait: Steven L. B. Jensen
Steven L. B. Jensen
Portrait: Audun Halvorsen
Audun Halvorsen


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