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Exhibition "The new planet": What creates a good society?

What rules create good societies? The Human Rights Academy has posed this question to more than 2,200 single minor asylum seekers since 2008. The exhibition "The New Planet" highlights the youth´s answers and reflections.

Through text, pictures and interviews with 13 young asylum seekers, visitors are also challenged to reflect on what are - and should be - important social values.

"The New Planet"

The group work "The New Planet" is the first activity young people do on the two-day courses that the Human Rights Academy has at the asylum reception. Here they make a kind of constitution with ten rules for an imagined new planet. The goal is for all people on the planet to live good lives.

Afterwards, to connect the young people's reflections to reality, they learn about World War II and the UN's work on drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: the closest we come to universal rules for creating good societies on our own planet.

Participants with experience from war

The youngsters who contributed to the content of the exhibition are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Albania, Ukraine, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Western Sahara and Congo. The experiences they have from war, conflict, distress and escape form an important backdrop for the choice of rules.

The exhibit also features educational material which can be used before, during and after visits to the exhibition.

Exhibition opening hours:

  • Monday, 9 December: 11 am - 6 pm
  • Tuesday 10 December: 9 am - 6 pm
  • Wednesday 11 December: 9 am -4 pm

About the exhibition:

  • The exhibition "The New Planet" is produced by the Human Rights Academy in collaboration with Eidsvoll 1814 and Rodeo architects.
  • It is funded with funding from the Arts Council Norway and Fritt Ord.
  • Sparebankstiftelsen has supported the development of teaching materials.
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