Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony - for invited guests only

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded on December 10, the day of Alfred Nobel’s death, in a formal ceremony at the Oslo City Hall. For invited guests only.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Juan Manuel Santos speaks at the award ceremony in 2016. Photo: Ken Opprann / Nobel Media

The laureates are presented with the Nobel medal and diploma and are asked to deliver a Nobel lecture. Seated on the podium are the laureates, the Nobel Committee, and its secretary. Maintaining a tradition that goes back to 1905, the ceremony is attended by members of the Royal Family.

The rows of seats behind the Royal Family are occupied by representatives of the Government, the Parliament, the Corps Diplomatique and other specially invited guests.

Live transmission of the award ceremony

The award ceremony takes place in a setting of speeches and artistic performances. It is transmitted live on TV, and you can follow the transmission at the Nobel Peace Center. 

The Royal family at the Nobel Peace Prize award.
The Royal Family at the award ceremony for Nobel Peace Prize laureate Juan Manuel Santos in 2016. Photo: Ken Opprann / Nobel Media


Published June 18, 2019 2:24 PM - Last modified June 18, 2019 2:24 PM